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    New Comrade WA Delegate, General Council elected in TI

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 2
    • Iss. 6

    Comrade Members of The Internationale went to the ballots again in July to elect their Comrade WA Delegate and General Council.

    Sitting delegate Caelapes declined his nomination, announcing his resignation from political office in The Internationale after having served as Delegate or Custodian unbroken from September 2014 onward.

    Three candidates emerged for Comrade WA Delegate: former delegates Auhl and World Anarchic Union, and newcomer Scieca (AciecS), originally from North Korea. In the instant-runoff vote, Scieca claimed victory over her challengers before resigning from the World Assembly, withdrawing from consideration and leaving the region. After second-preference ballots were distributed, World Anarchic Union prevailed over Auhl and returned to the Delegate seat after previously serving during the Second Defense of The Internationale. Days later, Scieca revealed that she had participated in a raid with Kaiserreich, an imperialist and fascist region, and was banned from North Korea and The Internationale's forum.

    Timchiland returns as the region's Councillor for External Affairs, a post he had previously held in the first General Council elected in November 2015. Irish Peoples Republic, another past Comrade WA Delegate, was elected Councillor for Activities in a hotly contested race. The Councillorship for Information remains vacant with no candidates entered.

    The fourth General Council's term began on July 18.

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