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    Proletaire returns to Comrade WA Delegacy

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 13

    With no opposition to his candidacy for Comrade WA Delegate, Proletaire has begun his third mandate as delegate for The Internationale. His return to that seat ends Comrade WA Delegate Auhl's second term, which began in January. Auhl had previously served as Comrade WA Delegate from June to November 2014.

    Proletaire's first term as Delegate was back in 2009, shortly after the founding of The Internationale on NationStates. That term lasted for over a year, which stands as a regional record, and ended in October 2010 when his nation ceased to exist. Prior to that, he was the third member—after La Pasionaria and Marxingrad—to join The Internationale, which itself started as an "alliance" on the ill-fated NationStates 2.

    Proletaire describes the Delegate's duties in the early days of The Internationale on NationStates 2: "There were no requirements or duties assigned to [the Comrade WA Delegate] through legislation, so whoever had the most WA endorsements was the delegate. I took it upon myself to search the World and find nations with leftist WA categories to send 'recruitment telegrams' to—we just called them 'invitations.' I remember spending hours sifting through pages of nations, checking to see if their WA categories were compatible, and if they were, personally editing the invitation telegram I made."

    "I did everything I did because I wanted to see our group grow and become stronger, not because I was chosen or elected to do it," Proletaire says. NationStates 2 included embargo and war features, which TI used to unite leftist nations against a right-wing alliance called "Coalition of Conservative Absolutist States." These wars, and the solidarity that developed around working together to embargo and declare war on enemy alliances drove much of The Internationale's activity. The switch to NS1, prompted shortly after TI got off the ground, caused a lull in activity. "The gameplay was different."

    After Proletaire's term ended in 2010, the Delegate seat remained empty for eight months until new elections were held in June 2011. Proletaire was commemorated in a regional resolution adopted by the Comrade Members of The Internationale in 2012, shortly before his return to NationStates.

    Proletaire returned to the delegate seat in TI in November 2014, but ceased to exist in January, two weeks shy of the end of his term. Auhl, who had immediately preceded Proletaire as Delegate, was called back to office in an emergency election.

    What does Proletaire wish to see achieved during his new term? "I dislike this question because I feel like it obligates me and I'll end up leaving people disappointed," he cautions, "but I would like to see The Internationale develop and ratify its own charter, like La Pasionaria and Marxingrad wanted. I'd like to ramp up regional participation in The Red Fleet. Then, of course, there's the daunting task of making our 'lost' history more accessible."

    Our congratulations and best wishes are with Comrade Proletaire for his new term!

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