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    REATO struggles against renewed leftist onslaught

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 1

    Back-to-back attacks on REAGAN Treaty Organization (REATO) members Anti Authoritarian Alliance and The Hyatt Islands by comrade militaries from The Leftist Union, North Korea, Das Kommune, and the Democratic Socialist Union have left the anti-leftist military alliance shaken and fractured over the holiday season.

    Both operations, termed "tag" raids due to their temporary nature as both regions have active Founder nations, have left prominent REATO members scrambling to spin the events positively.

    "Does anyone else here not really feel all that bad at AAA being occupied. I was not really fond of them in the first place," said Libertatem Board Member and Attorney General, Humpheria. "But as long as the Commies have their moment in the sun thinking that they've struck deep into the heart of Libertatem, more power to them."

    "You guys are useless..." muttered Republic of Minerva, Libertatem Regional Security Adviser, who publically lashed out at the other members of Libertatem for failing to respond to his call to arms. "This whole war on tyranny is becoming quite old when barely any of it's members are enthusiastic or competent enough to respond. Perhaps I'm just jaded, but we should rethink everything and focus on only a defensive stance?"

    Libertatem's future Manager of State, Funkytopia, blamed the failure to rally to their allies' defense on the holiday season. "Due to the holiday, we simply couldn't muster the troops. Apparently, Marxists would rather play with themselves on an online game than spend holidays with their friends, if they've got any."

    In the midst of the renewed infighting among these members, and in response to the failure for REATO to act to defend its allies, Anti Authoritarian Alliance founder The united slavic tsardom formally removed AAA from its status as REATO observer. In The Hyatt Islands, regional founder Belmaria said "REATO isn't helping because they don't care about libertarians or anarchists. I'm thinking about proposing a withdrawal from REATO."

    One thing is clear—the raids conducted by our allies took a minimal amount of effort and have made massive ripples through the anti-leftist community.

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