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    Red & Black relaunches, seeks additional writers

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 11


    The Red & Black has returned to publication for its eleventh issue, following the return of its editor-in-chief, Misley, from a nearly three-month break from NationStates.

    The news service's revival comes with new graphic work. "Videtur," a typeface originally designed for television use in the German Democratic Republic, has replaced Hoefler's "Knockout" for headlines. Videtur is a lighter font with serifs, the angular strokes at the edges of letters, which calls to mind print media. The logo and masthead has also been changed from Knockout to Volker Küster's "Today Sans," a sans-serif typeface highly reminiscent of British signage.

    As part of the relaunch process, the Red & Black is actively seeking writers from the Leftist sphere to provide input and content from a broad leftist perspective, truly fitting The Internationale's role as a broad leftist alliance. Writers are sought to cover NationStates or real-world news; give opinions on NationStates and real-world topics; review books, music, or games; and offer original creative works.

    Comrades interested in writing for the Red & Black should telegram editor-in-chief Misley.

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