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    Security Council commends The Red Fleet

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 22

    In a landslide vote from delegates and WA nations alike, The Red Fleet earned a commendation from the World Assembly Security Council Saturday with the passage of a resolution by New Tuva SSR.

    Early support for the resolution came from Mousebumples, the WA Delegate and Vice Chancellor of Europeia. Further support came from The Communist Bloc, The North Pacific, The Pacific, The East Pacific, Balder, Lazarus, and many other leftist and non-aligned regions.

    The resolution cited The Red Fleet's role in supporting the defense of The Internationale and organizing Antifa soldiers to participate in the Anne Frank liberation, as well as the Fleet's presence in the NAZI EUROPE invasion and successful destruction of the Greater German Reich.

    Opponents of the Fleet attempted to distort the historical record by conflating actions by other leftist militaries with those of The Red Fleet, but their objections fell on deaf ears as three out of four voters cast their vote to support the resolution.

    The resolution passed by a vote of 10,444 in favor to 4,166 against. The Red Fleet is only the second military that conducts raids to receive a commendation from the Security Council after The Skeleton Army was commended in 2010.

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