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    Security Council resolution to liberate CAPS goes to floor vote

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 13

    A Security Council resolution to liberate Congress of Armed Proletarian States (CAPS), the left interregional project started last year by Proletaire, has gone to a floor vote after reaching quorum Saturday afternoon.

    The Congress of Armed Proletarian States was established as a pan-left democratic assembly, with regions invited to send delegates to the congress proportional to their regional populations. The assembly's work revolved around developing mutual defense, improved interregional communication, and government cooperation. CAPS met for several months, beginning with a temporary steering committee in June 2014 and lasting through October, when the project was raided while in the process of moving its constitutional convention to an offsite forum.

    CAPS was raided by the REAGAN Treaty Organization (REATO), a fanatical anti-leftist alliance led by Libertatem. Libertatem relied heavily on outside support, particularly from The Communist Bloc and the Glorious Nations of Iwaku. TCB has been under fire by the NS Left community since joining Libertatem in the raid and participating in further strikes on left-aligned regions, but has recently stated a desire to reconcile with the NS Left and has come out in support of the liberation proposal.

    When asked why she allowed Communist Bloc troops to work with Libertatem, whose constitution established a perpetual "war on communism," TCB President Zenya said, "I was misled on [Libertatem's] regional history and intentions . . . I consider that operation a massive error on my part. . . . I was incredibly stupid to think that the attack would simply be considered a retaliation against North Korea. It was seen as an attack against every ... member region of the organization, and I've taken responsibility for that poor choice."

    The liberation proposal had achieved quorum with the required ninety-two delegate approvals leading into Friday night's planned maintenance period, but unlike the General Assembly bill "Repeal 'The Gem Trading Accord'," it did not progress to a floor vote as expected. When NationStates came back online shortly after one o'clock Saturday morning, the General Assembly resolution was on the floor but Liberate CAPS was stuck in purgatory.

    Site admin [violet] explained on the forum that when the site was down, the daily update had begun but not finished, and would have to be restarted. In the few minutes between NationStates coming online and the update restart, one of the delegates that had approved the proposal resigned from the World Assembly, causing the proposal to dip back below quorum. A renewed campaign brought additional delegate support leading into Saturday's minor update, when the proposal finally made it to the floor.

    At publication, the vote is overwhelmingly in favor of liberation, with 5,420 votes for the proposal and only 569 against. Plans are being drafted for a liberation coalition to retake the region when the vote ends.

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