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    The Communist Internationale liberated by TRF, KPA

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 22

    The Red Fleet and Korean Peoples Army continued their long string of successful collaborative efforts Friday night as they liberated The Communist Internationale at major update, moving through the keycode border control to endorse leftist sleeper agents.

    Plans had been under way to organize a larger detachment of leftist and defender troops to liberate against the full invasion force, but these plans changed after ACA's "governor," Aathora, unexpectedly resigned the WA Delegate post before minor update.

    The entering soldiers and sailors met no resistance from border control officers stationed in the region from the invading region ACA. Many of the raiders were tossed out after the update, including Libertatem's Pevvania and Republic of Minerva, who did not seize the opportunity to hold onto TCI.

    Leftist troops quickly restored the original World Factbook Entry, flag, and tags, with a small addition to the WFE directed at the former invaders. Leftist defender protocol differs from traditional defender protocol in that changes to the WFE are permissible and comrades may post to the regional message board, which has not been objected to by leftist natives.

    The liberation of TCI capped off an incredible single update for The Red Fleet and its allies, beginning with the lockdown of GGR and followed by the passage of "Commend The Red Fleet."

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