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    The Hyatt Islands stolen by TRF on refound

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 2
    • Iss. 3

    Months after a technical glitch prevented The Red Fleet from taking the Delegate seat in The Hyatt Islands, a botched refound attempted by former REATO commander Republic of Minerva sealed the region's fate as a Fleet protectorate.

    Founded in March 2014 by Belmaria, The Hyatt Islands joined REATO in July of that year and formed an intelligence agency designed to keep tabs on raider puppets. Belmaria ceased to exist in June 2015, and a password was established by long-time delegate Netonia. The Red Fleet acquired that password and moved into The Hyatt Islands shortly after, but due to a glitch in the endorsement count system, Netonia remained in the delegate seat.

    REATO poured reinforcements into the region, enabling Netonia to establish a new, hidden password in July. Jubilant, REATO withdrew from the region before all noncooperative nations were ejected, leaving a number of high-influence nations in the region who refused to move out and only one endorsement left on the delegate. Seven months later, the remaining nations were removed.

    Fifty minutes prior to update, Minarchist States, a puppet controlled by Republic of Minerva, left the region. Wide open, The Red Fleet scrambled ships to the region's perimeter to wait for the refound. Aided by its state-of-the-art update toolkit, the Fleet effortlessly seized the region, adding it to a collection of former REATO regions that includes Anti Authoritarian Alliance, Libertarians, and The Federal Islands.

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