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    The Internationale adopts Charter

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 22

    After three weeks of public comments and two voting sessions, The Internationale adopted a regional charter Thursday. The charter followed two previous attempts to establish a guiding document for the region, first championed in 2011 by Marxingrad and more recently pushed for by Auhl and Proletaire.

    Immediate Past Comrade WA Delegate Proletaire's election platform included the adoption of a charter as one of his goals, and most of the text of the charter is his work, with inspiration from the earlier drafts presented by Marxingrad and Auhl.

    The Charter, which is now in effect, codifies many of The Internationale's existing legislation and practice, such as voting procedures and embassy acceptance requirements. New to the Charter is the General Council, a group of three comrades elected as Councillors to help administer various activities within the region as regional officers.

    The election process for these new Councillors and for the Comrade WA Delegate will begin in two days with a ten-day nomination period.

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