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    The Internationale breaks regional growth records

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 7

    TIpopAll.pngFrom the time the first issue of the Red & Black was published on December 28, The Internationale has enjoyed a net growth of 108 nations—increasing in size from 185 nations to a new regional record of 294. The new record was set at the major update Saturday, when the official regional population count was taken. This new record breaks the previous regional population record of 291 nations, set in June 2013 under the leadership of Comrade WA Delegate Socialist Space Republic, author of the antifa treatise "Anti-Fascism, or, Why We Fight," and regional founder La Pasionaria.

    This new record came on the heels of the highest-recorded 30-day increase in members, with a net increase of 95 members between January 4 and February 3. On the way there, The Internationale broke the 30-day record eight times in the last two weeks of January. The previous 30-day increase record had been 57 nations, set in the weeks following the Defense of The Internationale when the community had relocated to a temporary home in The International after the deletion of La Pasionaria.

    TIpopNew.pngAnalysis of the growth patterns has shown that The Internationale, has historically grown most on Sundays, which is now bolstered by growth following publication of the Red & Black on Sundays. The middle of the week proves to be the slowest period for regional growth, although there is a recent slight bump on Thursdays.

    The Internationale was first founded in 2009 by comrades moving to NationStates from the ill-fated NationStates 2. The region was small for the first two years of its existence, and was nearly closed, but activity in 2011 with The Red Fleet led to an influx of nations that increased the region's population to nearly 200 by early 2012. Continued growth and stability led to the region's former peak in June 2013.

    TIpopStats.pngThe large dip in late 2013 is the "Defense of The Internationale," organized following La Pasionaria's deletion—population figures from this period combine the populations of The Internationale and its temporary refuge, The International. After The Internationale was refounded in June 2014, the region returned to stability around 200 nations before beginning its current upward trend.

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