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    The Internationale featured, sees explosive growth

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 12

    RegionGrowth.PNGThe Internationale was the world's featured region for the third time in regional history on Saturday, the first since its refound last June.

    The Internationale was previously featured in February 2010 and December 2011. After regional founder La Pasionaria was deleted in November 2013, the region was closed and community moved to the alternate region "The International" until TI proper was refounded on June 30 of last year, on the 143rd anniversary of Eugene Pottier's Paris Commune-inspired anthemL'Internationale.

    Any time a region is featured, that region sees a spike in growth, and The Internationale made no exception Saturday, adding twenty-eight members over the course of the day, a new daily growth record. When featured in 2011, for comparison, TI added twenty-three new members to swell to eighty-nine members; after being featured in 2010, the region doubled from eight members to sixteen.

    This spike in growth comes at the end of a two week-long period of intense expansion that has been the fastest in the region's six-year history. In the last fourteen days alone, TI has grown by 105 nations to a new regional record population of 344 nations, setting a new monthly population change record.

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