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    The Internationale launches new website

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 2
    • Iss. 6

    The Internationale has launched a new website, https://theredand.black, which is integrated with its offsite forums.

    Although the website was soft-launched in mid-July, it did not officially go live before today, when the Regional Message Board Archive, historical delegates, and Red + Black archive stretching back to the first issue were made fully public. "Our old website used WordPress, was not mobile-friendly, and was completely separate from our forum. The new website integrates seamlessly with our forum and looks and works phenomenally on mobile devices."

    The Regional Message Board Archive has been expanded to include all posts from The International, the region's first refuge region; The Red and Black, its second; and posts made to The Internationale during its first refoundation. The posts span a period of six years, beginning in 2010. New to the RMB Archive are proper handling of suppressed posts, proper mobile display, and the inclusion of date-appropriate pretitles.

    "A future project related to historical nation data is in the works, but we are able to offer an early glimpse with this integration into the Regional Message Board Archive," explains Caelapes. "When rendering each post from the database, we take the timestamp of the RMB post and grab the most recent pretitle—such as 'The Rose Commune of...'—for the poster based on timestamp. This also applies to quotes and [nation] tags that are not explicitly marked 'short'. Because the database is not yet complete, some nations are not yet included, but more will come online as data continues to be processed." Mobile display is handled by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to make display windows narrower than typical computer screens act like the mobile version of NationStates, while wider displays function just like the standard site.

    A page has also been established showing all elected Comrades WA Delegate in The Internationale's history, stretching back to Proletaire's election in September 2009. The General Council, established with the adoption of the Charter in 2015, also has its history included. Expansion of the historical section over the next several months is planned as The Internationale Historical Restoration Project continues its work.

    Exclusive publication of the Red + Black

    The new website will serve as the exclusive publication source for the Red + Black, bringing an end to previous attempts to publish the newspaper simultaneously on NationStates itself and on the offsite community. Caelapes explains the decision, saying, "With full control of publication, we will be able to cover topics without needing to adjust our editorial stance on certain topics. Independence of NS Left media is an important step in keeping our coverage uncensored by NationStates site staff."

    Lastly, a complete archive of Red + Black articles stretching back to Volume 1, Issue 1 in December 2014 have been uploaded, allowing players to read the full gamut of news offerings offered over the past two years. "New articles will be posted into this system, which integrates with our forum for comments and displays the articles in a really highly polished manner," says Caelapes.

    Comrades from all regions who are interested in writing for the Red + Black or being a part of the editorial staff of the publication are welcomed to get involved by joining on The Internationale's forum.

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