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    The Internationale successfully cleared, moved to The Red and Black

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 2
    • Iss. 2

    The Internationale, with the help of The Red Fleet, has successfully been cleared of all nations following the deletion of its second founder nation, Illa Passiflora.

    Illa Passiflora applied a secret password to the region before being deleted, making the region safe from any possible offensive Liberation proposal from the World Assembly.

    To secure the transfer of nations, eight nations were named as emergency transition officers as part of a contingency plan formulated by The Red Fleet's leadership, the Admiralty Board.

    "When La Pasionaria was deleted two and a half years ago, there was no game plan. The Red Fleet wasn't prepared to handle that loss, and it took months to lock down and clear the region. With that past experience and the introduction of Regional Officers, the Second Defense of The Internationale could not have gone smoother," explains retired Fleet Admiral Misley, now known as Caelapes. "This time around, we were able to lean on past Comrade WA Delegates and trusted friendly nations to help clear the region."

    These nations include World Anarchic Union, Comrade WA Delegate; Proletaire, Auhl, and Irish Peoples Republic, past Comrade WA Delegates; Fleet Admiral Timchiland; Korean Peoples Army General Godless Monkey; and long-time comrades Ratateague from the Democratic Socialist Assembly and Pangaean Peoples. All of these comrades have been nominated to receive the Hero of The Internationale, an award established in March 2014 for comrades coming to the defense of the region.

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