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    The Red Fleet, Korean Peoples Army strike REATO targets

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 8

    The Red Fleet and Korean Peoples Army struck at members and associates of the REAGAN Treaty Organization (REATO) on Friday night. The attacks, termed "Operation Shambling Corpse," are the latest in a series of embarrassing defeats of REATO forces by leftist militaries.

    Shortly after Friday night's update began, TRF and KPA forces jumped into Yerfilag, a full member region of REATO. Yerfilag had been behind a password that was obtained by the Naval Intelligence Directorate of The Red Fleet. Entering with precision from a trigger placed by The Red Fleet, forces met no opposition from REATO defenders.

    Aeldorin, a former member of REATO whose membership was struck from the rolls after their semi-active founder and native population failed to defend against a Black Riders tag raid, was hit later in the evening. Another precise trigger placed by The Red Fleet allowed leftist forces to enter with no opposition from REATO or non-ideological defender groups. Following the capture of both regions, combined TRF/KPA flags were flown from the regions and the regions' World Factbook Entries were modified to provide the rationale for the raid: the failure for Libertatem to properly carry out the terms of an agreement that would have seen a cease-fire between The Red Fleet and REATO forces.


    The agreement would have created a state of armistice between the two militaries in exchange for the return of two captured leftist regions to Red Fleet control. Libertatem President Conservative Idealism originally agreed to the terms of the agreement, but was unable to control his government to execute the terms of the compromise, as the regions were not transferred to Red Fleet custody.

    During the same update, Libertatem organized an ill-fated fascist false-flag raid attempt on the leftist region United Socialist Republics. The nations used by Libertatem's military had been detected by and were under the surveillance of the Naval Intelligence Directorate of The Red Fleet. This allowed The Red Fleet and Korean Peoples Army to move in and endorse the native leftist delegate seconds after their point moved into the region.


    This marks the third failed attempt by REATO to raid a leftist region in as many weeks. Communist China was defended against two consecutive raid attempts, as covered in the February 1 R&B. Last week, REATO troops failed to properly execute a raid on The International Communist Union, as their forces were intercepted by soldiers and sailors from The Red Fleet and Korean Peoples Army after the right-wing forces moved into the region eight full minutes before update. The same blunder was made Friday night jumping into USR.

    After the Friday night failure, Libertatem's Manager of War Republic of Minerva exasperatedly posted to the regional message board. "I think we'll stop fighting honestly," he said. "Nobody is on or willing to participate. It's a joke." After the raid on Yerfilag and Aeldorin was discovered, Libertatem President Conservative Idealism posted a lengthy address outlining the proposed agreement, saying, "My attempt to promote peace, through dialogue, from a position of strength bought me nothing except insubordination from my fellow government officials." He then stepped away from the Presidency, naming Vice President Prussia as Acting President "until deem myself fit to handle the responsibilities of the office again."

    In contrast, leftist military leaders were celebratory. "I'm proud of the cooperation and unity of the Korean Peoples Army and The Red Fleet in tactics and maneuvers," said V Ming, Political Commissar of KPA and founder and member of the Central Committee of North Korea. "I know that we are twice the threat to the political right when we work together." That sentiment was echoed by KPA General Comradeland, who said, "Working together, the Korean Peoples Army and The Red Fleet are the spear tip against our enemies' throats. We show dedication and cohesion that our enemy cannot hope to match. Be warned, reactionaries and right-wingers of every stripe: we are coming for you."

    The spirit of cooperation was further reinforced by Red Fleet Admiral Misley, who added, "I'm thrilled to work side-by-side with the Korean Peoples Army. Their soldiers have been incredibly professional and well-prepared in every operation we have conducted together, and the combined strength of our militaries is something that Libertatem will find it very hard to counter as we continue to move forward."

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