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    The Red Fleet locks down the Greater German Reich

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 22

    After thirty-six days, The Red Fleet has locked down and cleared the Greater German Reich, a Nazi region that was formerly so notorious that it earned a condemnation from the Security Council for its recruitment tactics and raids.

    000-Medal-21-Leather-Clad.pngA beachhead in The Greater German Reich was established in late September by a coalition of soldiers and sailors from across NationStates, over forty of whom came together with less than six hours of preparation to pierce the Nazi defenses. After Verborgenen Herrn was deposed as delegate, comrades flooded in to reinforce the hold on the region. Over one hundred nations joined the invasion party over the course of the month-long operation.

    The Red Fleet initially projected an end to the operation in mid-November that would rotate through four delegates to clear and lock the region. When Regional Officers were announced, plans shifted to utilize the Border Control capability of these officers to clear Nazi puppets and establish a password. Confirmation from administrators that Z-Day would return in 2015, with its influence-free border control, moved the end date into October.

    Forty confirmed fash puppets were removed by regional officers, enabling the establishment of a hidden permanent password. After the password was established, all remaining fascist nations were removed, followed by all remaining allied troops.

    Comrades who joined the invasion at any point are awarded the "Leather-Clad Medal for the Destruction of the Greater German Reich," designed by Herrebrugh. The ribbon is made from seized leather riding gloves and marching boots found in the rubble of the GGR, and the medal's obverse features the name of the medal and a smashed swastika overlain by a red star.

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