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    The Red Fleet strikes at fash and shrinking REATO

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 2
    • Iss. 1

    The Red Fleet, together with their comrades-in-arms, the Korean Peoples Army of North Korea, have launched twin attacks on vulnerable enemy regions. Durruti and Ironclad Squadrons of The Red Fleet together with the Korean Peoples Army are currently occupying League of Northern European Nations, a member region of Third Rome's Gold-level member The Steel Imperivm. At the same time, Ibárurri Squadron is occupying Hayek Islands, a member of the shrinking REAGAN Treaty Organization (REATO).

    Following a successful tag raid by The Red Fleet late last year, Conservative League voted to withdraw from REATO after realizing that they were under the Fleet's crosshairs due to their affiliation with the destructive alliance that is responsible for destroying regions unrelated to their conflict with the NS Left. At publication, a vote is ongoing in The Greater Empire to withdraw from REATO with four votes in favor and no votes against.

    With the withdrawal of IRU, Conservative League, and the Greater Empire, only Libertatem andThe Hyatt Islands/Hayek Islands pair remain in REATO. The Hyatt Islands has been locked and slowly draining for months after its founder ceased to exist, and Hayek Islands never regained the activity that its predecessor had.

    The twin occupations are proof that The Red Fleet and their allies continue to be a formidable military power in NationStates.

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