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    TheRedAnd.Black updated, now NSLeft community hub

    • Vol. 2
    • Iss. 11

    TheRedAnd.Black, originally envisioned as the offsite home of The Internationale, has been officially designated as the offsite hub of the NSLeft Solidarity Pact community, which includes The Internationale, North Korea, Federation of Anarchist Communes, Democratic Socialist Assembly, The Leftist Assembly, and The Red Fleet.

    The five member regions and interregional military organization can now make use of a new feature in version 4.2 of the IPS forum software suite called "Clubs" (referred to on TRAB as "Regions") to effectively organize parallel community areas for each Pact member.

    "With the Region groups, we have redesigned the main forum itself as the hub of a broad community of leftists from all of our constituent member regions. Any NSLeft comrade or visitor from outside our community can participate in discussions, debates, games, book clubs, and events organized by community members. Member regions, through the Region groups, act as spokes in the wheel around this hub, with additional region-specific activities and events organized by the members of those regions."

    The Internationale and The Red Fleet have transferred their existing forums to the Region group system, and are offering assistance to other regions who may want to set up their offsite Region.

    A web-based companion to Lenin the Discord bot has been debuted. Named Tchaikovsky, the forum bot handles the sorting of all forum members into the appropriate regional groups. On an hourly basis, all members have their group status confirmed by the bot, which checks against The Red Fleet's up-to-the-minute database of regional residents. Regional Officers are granted moderator rights in their region's group. This automation prevents the need for any region or its members to waste time and resources on citizenship applications or usergroup changes after new elections, which frequently get bogged down when bureaucrats get overwhelmed outside of NationStates. Each region may specify additional requirements, such as WA Category restrictions, for members to be sorted into their region group.

    In addition to the long-standing NationStates login verification upon registration and Discord integration, TheRedAnd.Black now enables its users to claim additional nations as theirs, enabling cosmopolitan members of several regions to participate in each regions' offsite group. Members may also change their primary display name to that of any claimed puppet. On Discord, members may similarly change their nickname on any server using strict NSLeft authentication (currently used by the NSLeft interregional server, The Internationale, The Red Fleet, and The Leftist Assembly) to that of any claimed puppet.

    From its origin as the home of a single region to the flourishing offsite home to a broad community of leftists, TheRedAnd.Black has come a long way. We're working to bring about the reality that Otto von Bismarck reportedly warned about after the split between anarchists and socialists following the First International: crowned heads, wealth and privilege may well tremble should ever again the red and black unite!

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