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    TI debates Arnhelm Declaration

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 11

    Comrade Members of The Internationale are debating whether or not The Internationale should join the signatories of the Arnhelm Declaration of Recruitment Standards.

    "The Internationale has never targeted recruitment campaigns at user-created regions, but at the same time we have never restricted recruitment efforts to game-created regions," explains regional custodian Misley. "Recent incidents with comrade regions and other prominent regions prompted a proposal to adopting the Arnhelm standards for future recruitment drives."

    The current status of the vote only sees one comrade member voting in favor, although TI's voting system means that the vote will pass if no one casts a veto.

    "Even if the Arnhelm standards are vetoed, the issues we have had with NationStates++ recruitment lately have forced us to change our recruitment program to pyNSrecruit," said Misley. "It's a great program made by comrade South Jarvis, a resident of the Democratic Socialist Assembly, so we're supporting our allies by adopting it. It has been heavily modified in-house to suit our particular needs, but the work done by South Jarvis on the program is phenomenal and deserves praise."

    The Internationale's vote on the Arnhelm Declaration ends June 14.

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