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    USSR founder deleted, TLU's Lipno "Delete On Sight"

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 3

    Moderator actions against two leftist nations have put their home regions on the defensive after they led a string of attacks on right-wing regions that left Libertatem embarrassed and unable to respond.

    Sornia, founder of United Sovereign Socialist Republics, was deleted along with all his puppets due to harassment of TCB's "Dear Leader," Zenya, according to posts by NationStates moderators on the regional message boards of United Sovereign Socialist Republics and The Communist Bloc. Sornia's punishment stopped short of a permanent ban.

    A day later, Lipno, who had led The Leftist Union's military in several tag raids against right-wing targets, was permanently banned from the game. In a statement on the TLU message board, the moderators said "The player you're all referring to has been slated as Delete On Sight for ongoing rule-breaking." Delete On Sight, or "DOS," is the highest level of punishment on NationStates, meaning that Lipno is not permitted to return under a different name and that nations linked to him may be removed at any time.

    Fortunately for both regions' communities, hidden passwords were applied to both regions before their founder nations were deleted, offering a measure of security from right-wing attacks while Esch works to lock USSR and Godless monkey seeks to secure The Leftist Union.

    Having experienced the shock of being in the Delegate seat after losing a founder to moderator action, Misley reached out to the comrades of The Leftist Union after they had expressed objections to the "martial law" rules established by delegate Godless Monkey. "The fact is that any nation that is in the World Assembly but not endorsing your delegate is actively delaying the process by which this region can be fully cleared and secured," Misley wrote on The Leftist Union's regional message board. "The orders given by Godless Monkey are simply a temporary matter for the security of this region. It's not an indication of any sort of power-grab. Look at The Internationale—nothing changed once we refounded."

    After La Pasionaria was deleted by the moderators in November 2013, The Internationale established a new home in the similarly-named "The International" and began a months-long process of moving the region's membership over while simultaneously locking down the original region. Once locked, all remaining nations had to be ejected to prevent sinister elements that may have infiltrated The Internationale from usurping the WA Delegate position and stealing the region. After the region was cleared, it was refounded with a new active founder nation in June 2014.

    Leftist militaries have pledged to send their soldiers to USSR and TLU in defense of their homes, but with the regions locked, it is most secure to rely on the denizens of both regions to provide the endorsements needed for both delegates to hold the seat while ejecting nations to clear the regions of all nations. Once emptied, the regions can remain locked and secured in perpetuity.

    The Internationale stands in solidarity with the comrades of the United Sovereign Socialist Republics and The Leftist Union in this time of regional crisis, and we say to them that they are not alone in their struggle—all three of our communities have faced the situation they are now in, and we hope the best for them moving forward. At the same time, we urge all comrades to familiarize yourselves with the rules of NationStates and play the game (as it is a video game, after all) well within these boundaries.

    Let us not destroy our communities breaking the rules, and let us further refuse our enemies the satisfaction of seeing the Left falter at these hurdles! We must unite in solidarity with our comrades and move forward, arm in arm on the path to success!

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