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    'The Interview' in historical perspective

    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 1

    On December 17 Sony Pictures cancelled the release of the movie "The Interview" which used racism as "humor" and which characterized U.S. CIA agents as comic heroes on a terrorist mission to assassinate the current north Korean head of state.

    Prior to that, on December 10, Sony announced that the film would not be released in Japan, south Korea, or anywhere in the Asia Pacific Region other than Australia and New Zealand. They said that the decision had been made long before then.

    While the company is now claiming that the cancellation is due to physical threats made in emails, in fact the cancellation comes after a huge wave of protest against screening a movie that calls for the terrorist assassination of an existing leader.

    Protest movements can change the minds of the "entertainment" corporations that rule Hollywood. For example, on May 1, 2013 the Walt Disney corporation filed 33 applications to trademark the Day of the Dead. They wanted to make a movie with a Day of the Dead theme or title and then make money off of anything that used that name or phrase. Within days a massive internet-based protest declared that Mexican heritage was not for sale and forced Disney to withdraw its application by May 6.

    Read the full article at Liberation News
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