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  2. Looks good, I'll vote for constructing embassies
  3. We have received an embassy request from the region called The Revolutionary Communist Alliance. They fulfill all the criteria and as such it is my duty as the Councillor for External Affairs to present you with the opportunity to vote on this. Here is the link to their region: https://www.nationstates.net/region=the_revolutionary_communist_alliance
  4. As Misley noted, they could just stop the closure right now and the proposal was put on before the closure started.
  5. Is it really necessary to vote on this matter, when Wintercrest is already closing their embassies with us right now?
  6. Antisemitism and misogyny shouldn’t be tolerated, so I’ll be voting for withdrawing the embassy
  7. To sum it all up at the risk of possibly oversimplifying it, they are forming embassies with the USSD, despite being shown the evidence that Vetelo is an antisemitic and misogynistic piece of garbage.
  8. Before I vote one way or the other, I will ask here as well. Was Wintercrest notified of USSD and what embassies with them will entail for their relations with TI?
  9. I know little on the subject and so, until I find the time to make up my mind on this, my vote is an abstention
  10. As proposed by Comrade @Caelapes here: https://theredand.black/forums/topic/811-proposal-withdraw-embassy-with-wintercrest/
  11. World Anarchic Union

    Proposal: Withdraw embassy with Wintercrest

    Has Wintercrest been notified of USSD and what their embassies with them will entail for their relations with TI?
  12. Remove embassies immediately.
  13. They're building embassies with USSD.
  14. Hi there comrades! I have just joined the internationale. I remember hearing about a newspaper I could help write for. I was wondering where I could do this! All power to the proletariat!
  15. Freien


  16. World Anarchic Union


    Welcome to the region, comrade
  17. So, uh, hi. I'm Zrhajan, and, having recently resurrected my nation, I figured I might as well join a leftist region.
  18. I see no issues with the proposal nor reasons to oppose building an embassy with the Social Liberal Union, other than the fact that apparently nations like mine are banned from the region according to the articles 1.3 and 1.6 of their constitution. However, I have taken this with some sense of humour, and most of you will probaby agree with me when I say this is not a serious reason to abstain. Thus, I vote for.
  19. The history of my personal relationship with the SLU region would be enough for me to ask for a veto. Despite this, I choose to abstain because I want to leave this choice to the other members of this region
  20. As I proposed embassies with the SLU before they offered (independently), I am for this. I urge regionmates to join me in supporting this embassy request.
  21. https://www.nationstates.net/region=social_liberal_union We currently have members who are or have been memers of the SLU and have previously had relations with them. They more than meet the criteria for embassies and as such it has been brought up to vote.
  22. I have talked to their founder, and he has stated that they do not allow fascists into the region, but they do let in liberals and the majority of the members are indeed leftists. About the commonwealth of liberty thing, it seems that they are roleplayers who have pretty much all tags (They have the anti-communist and communist tags at the same time). The founder of Soviet Democracy will try to talk them into removing the tags, but I don't know if he will suceed. If he does manage to convince them, I'll start the vote again.
  23. Right, the veto seems fair, I will notify them of your concerns
  24. I'm not sure what regional leadership has done with this, but I'd propose a charter amendment for exceptions such as this if it has not already been done.
  25. I vetoed too, but for another reason. Firstly, the region has an Egalitarian and not a Feminist tag. Also, it withholds from having a Communist tag, although it has a Socialist tag, which doesn't make that much sense to me, especially for a region named Soviet Democracy. And secondly, and most importantly, it is stated on its WFE: That is concerning. Do they also mean that capitalists and fascists are allowed to be on that region?
  26. The NewsStand is not a region like any other, it is an advertising space. I don't know why it has the Capitalist tag (probably has to do with the founder's personal views), but there really aren't any alternatives if you want to promote stuff like dispatches, newspapers, polls, etc. in the game from what I know of. I believe that this that the above part of the Charter was not written in order to be followed that strictly and that embassy-collecting regions and regions like the NewsStand ought to be excluded, as it is usually done in this cases, even if it is not explicitly stated so in our regional law. I mean, I think I was the one that proposed the amendment that added the Capitalist tag to this part and this is what I had in mind when writing it. I don't believe we should lose the opportunity to build ties with an actually leftist region because of such a typicality. By the way, this poll should have been locked 5 days ago. Not that this is supposed to mean anything at that point, only an observation.