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  2. Why ever would you do that?!?! Let's get all positions to have at least 2 nominees so there's a vote. I like votes, votes are good. I like votes, votes are good.
  3. I nominate myself for Councilor of activities. I think I've been doing decently. I will retract my nomination should someone else run.
  4. The terms for the current GC are expiring -- I'm actually a little off on timing for this thread. (Oops.) That's why the nomination period isn't quite perfect. Don't wanna forget, though. Please nominate candidates here. Positions are the Councilor of Activities, Councilor of Information, Councilor of External Affairs, and Comrade WA Delegate. Please see this thread for a more complete description of the roles, if you are interested in running. If you are nominated by someone else, you must accept the nomination by posting your acceptance here for it to be valid.
  5. Hi!

  6. Hi!

    Hi, I play the Decapole counsils (yeah, I made a typo, so I decide to make it a kind of multilingual state). I'm a bit more than 35, have sometimes no social grace and the instant after the contrary. I would define myself as a marxist libertarian, but of the early marxist period (I mean, still after he discovered the issue with property). Still readinf and discovering after years of engagement, because I'm not much of a thinker.
  7. Hello conrads

    Hello conrads, My name is Timo vdn Broek, I'm still really young in comparison to others on here. I'm 17 years old as of now, and I love to learn about politcal ideas and concepts. I decided to join NS because I heard about it on PnW and I love this community a lot more then PnW's because it is serious. My political views are as of yet unknown, I know that I'm leftist but what kind I still have to figure out. I've started reading some Engels and Marx. I hope to learn a lot about myself on here.
  8. Oh, a brief addendum -- The discord for the ILC organization includes a space to discuss GA and SC proposals and up for votes with members of the involved regions as well, so anyone who would like to see/participate should absolutely message me for a join link.
  9. Comrades, For some time, a coalition of regions has been working to create an organization to foster participation in the World Assembly called the Interregional Legislative Coalition. This coalition would include the DSA (a fellow NSLeft member), the SLU, and TVF, should these regions ratify the charter of the organization. This vote will determine whether The Internationale wishes to join. The charter for the organization can be found here, but I will briefly explain it below. The purpose of the ILC is to foster the creation of WA proposals from members of regions in the coalition, and allow us to make use of our combined WA experience to make our proposals effective and get them up to vote, and passed. The coalition also analyzes proposals up to vote in the WA and makes a recommendation. However, no member region is bound by that recommendation, and the WA delegate for TI is still expected to vote with the majority of WA voters in the region under most circumstances. The charter includes provisions for things like adding new regions to the coalition, ejecting regions from the coalition, amending the charter, etc. If there are specific questions about it or its implications, please post here. As always, VETO's do not count unless they are explained below. We were involved in the drafting of the charter, and several members of TI have been watching the discord where negotiations have occurred. If any of you would like to be added to that discord server, please let me know and I will add you such that you can see its chat history. We also held a short discussion about this earlier in the process. Voting ends February 22nd.
  10. I nominate myself to serve as Temporary Councilor of Activities.
  11. Following @Ayanka's resignation (to whom go our best wishes for his exams), the region has to find a new CoA. Nominations are now open
  12. I'm sorry to announce this, but I'm too lazy to continue it. I should have kept track of all of those who left TI and of all of those who have joined without telling me their home country. If anybody else wants to continue this, just tell me and I will give you the 2 .txt files you need
  13. The kind and beautiful @Zenganopoli did label the above the "first edition." Were you planning on doing this periodically?
  14. The Internationale Regional Global Census

    That would be cool.
  15. Actually now that you're bringing this up, I wonder if we should do this periodically.
  16. The Internationale Regional Global Census

    Add one to the Netherlands if you could.
  17. The results of the voice chat event where @Zenganopoli interviewed the candidates for CoA below, if you missed it: 1. what is the first thing you will do as CoA on the first day in charge? varsala: asking people what activity/discussion they want ayanka: i won't be online on that day, i will have a planification for activities if I get elected, anyway slc: stage a votation for deciding which RPs to start, and also a party radio event 2. name 3 projects you have in mind for your term varsala: 1 knowing each others better by having personal conversations by creating an even safer space (on the forums) based on invitations to discuss those topics, 2 more space for entertainment on discord, 3 socializaton of knowledge ayanka: 1 a RP: the international squad against the evil forces of turanism, 2 debate sessions on the forums, 3 discussion sessions about controversial figures of the left slc: 1 RP: NSLeft world cup, 2 political NS-based roleplay, 3 poster competition 3. what is in your opinion the best city/town/village of the entire world? varsala: Berlin ayanka: Moscow slc: Tolyatti 4. What is your opinion on ferries? varsala: we need to collectivise yachts ayanka: i don't like ferries, they are slow and promote consumerism, i prefer road travel slc: they're too low and so not good for accelerationism 5. who is inside TI your most favourite member? varsala: zengan (or ayanka, nobody really understood tbh) ayanka: Leninbot slc: zengan 6. and who is your least favourite freien? varsala: not freien ayanka: brad pitt slc: freien bash machine III Describe the following members of the internationale without fearing the consequences. 7. varsala varsala: soft ayanka: elf-boy slc: gay (because he's Gaius the gay) 8. ayanka varsala: fierce ayanka: asshole slc: tankie shitposter 9. slc varsala: bad taste for things ayanka: imadeshittybritishflagsforhim slc: british 10. Zenganopoli? varsala: wholesome ayanka: italian zizek slc: spicy zizek 11. diljan varsala: has the personality of a sandpaper ayanka: god slc: yezhov 12. what is the best thing you bought in the last 2 months? varsala: 200$ in hair products ayanka: buying thingsm what kind of shitty communist are you????? slc: chip butty (it's a baguette with chips in) 13. how much money do you think you need monthly to live the life you desire for your future varsala: 10000 reais because I want to travel a lot ayanka: 2000€, I'm a humble man slc: 0 because on communism there will be no money 14. None of you drive, are you planning to get a license and a car? which one? varsala: no, I'm terrified by driving ayanka: yes, but I want a motorcycle slc: yes, the cheapest car I can find 15. You have to answer to the next question by pretending you actually understand what I am going to say, ok? if I told you that the name of my favourite leftist party in its native language is this one: "partìd-front unid prugresèsta, di lavuratùr, di uparér e di cuntadèn pruleteeri, rivuluziuneeri, sucialèsta, anarco-tanchèsta, cumunèsta pupuleer dla repòblica bunkerèsta federatìva, sucialèsta, suvièètica, lèbra, dimucràtica dla zitee ad san marèn (ugiaèsta-pusadèsta)", what would you think about me? <basically it's the name of the party of San Marino, but in romagnol> varsala: *no hablo chino* (i don't speak chinese in spanish) ayanka: sorry, I don't speak Romanian slc: you're hoxhaist-posadist 16. What is your opinion on the letter F? varsala: F was the nickname of my first shitty boss, so "yuck" ayanka: it's the letter for "fuck you", so positive slc: F is for fascism and fascism is bad 17. what are your favourite weather conditions? varsala: warm and cloudy with a nice breeze ayanka: snow, it's the good thing that stopped the Germans in Stalingrad slc: rain, because it's the only thing i've experienced in jersey 18. Name a movie you would force your neighbour to watch varsala: Suite Française ayanka: who killed captain Alex? slc: the emoji movie 19. I stole the last question from jeff: Tell us about a dream or a nightmare that you've recently had varsala: my parents and I were sent to a slave camp into a mining field and then we tried to kill the guardians ayanka: I woke up in a plane and there was nobody in the cabin but the plane was still flying, then I saw a nuclear bomb inside the plane. Then I asked myself what I should. Then I drove the plane by listening to the radio, then I accidentally dropped the bomb slc: i beat a fascist to death with a crowbar
  18. Comrade WA Delegate and General Council Elections

    Comrades, As Comrade Councillor for Activities I will promise at least two completely original roleplay events as part of my policy to increase activity on the offsite forums. To give you a snapshot of what's to come if I am elected; 1. NSLeft World Cup An interregional football championship which members of The Internationale as well as allied regions can enter. This will be similar to the NSLeft Olympics we've had previously, although I'm planning for this one to be much larger and to operate like an actual World Cup - with a group stage, knockout stage, quarter finals, semi finals etc. 2. Election campaign or political RP A lot of our previous roleplays have been sports focused, which I know does not appeal to everyone. Due to this, I'd like to try a new idea which will hopefully attract other members - a politically themed roleplay game - perhaps an election campaign with a simulated election at the end (there is also potential for debates this way). More details are to come on this one, but you can tune into RadioInternationale on our Discord channel on Sunday (8:00 PM London time) for more information. 3. Poster Competition (maybe) There's also the opportunity for another poster competition if we have enough interest. This could be done pretty easily as it doesn't require much time or effort to plan. If there's enough interest I'd be happy to do one of these again. As I've said, if I am elected I will run at least two of these options. However, all this can only be made possible with your vote comrade, get out there and vote for me!
  19. Hello everyone. I see there are already people making campain and trying to get votes, so I guess the least I can do is to explain my reasons to run for Councillor of Activities. I'm not planning to introduce any new important activities on the Discord server. Instead, I plan, if I win the elections for Councillor of Activities, to start some new activities in the forums to attract more users here and make out of these forums a more active place which could be seen more as something to complement with our Discord server and not as just a simple tool for voting regional matters as it is now. In fact, I see the forums as something with a considerable potential that is being almost completely wasted. Some of the activities that I'm planning to start on the forums are: Roleplay activities: It's nothing new, but I think that, if done correctly, could attract more of our users to the forums, while making all of us have a good and fun time. I'm already planning some roleplay games, having in mind not to force everyone involved to post with a determinated frequency and let the players have some freedom to post whenever they want without harming the development of the story. I'll talk more about it during the voice chat event that will be hosted on Sunday 21st on tour Discord server. Debate sessions: Our forums have a great potential to hold debate sessions that is being unused right now. In contrast to the discussions held on the Discord server, whose debates are more centered in a fast-paced discussion according to its instant messaging system, these new, slower-paced and longer debate sessions fold in our forums could be held in a way which those involved in the discussion can take their time to learn a bit more about the subject in question before posting their answer. For now I don't intend to start these sessions in determinated days: whoever and whenever someone wants to talk about something in depth, they are free to start a debate. I'll be the one starting the first sessions, to give these a first push. Controversial leftist figures discussions: In contrast with the ones I mentioned before, these sessions would be held weekly and with the intention of making an analysis of some of the most controversial figures within the left, with the final objective of learning more about them and giving them a last "final veredict". Those are some of the most important thing I'm planning to do, with the intention of giving more activity and attracting new users to these forums. No need to say, our Discord server would keep operating as it has been doing until now, with its radio events and its eventual voice chat events (I wouldn't wike to establish a frequency for these last ones, I like the fact that anyone can start them whenever they want). I will talk more about my ideas and projects tomorrow on the Sunday 21st Discord voice chat event. These are the projects that I intend to start if I get elected as Councillor of Activities. If you like them, I suppose you already know what to do.
  20. Comrade WA Delegate and General Council Elections

    As Comrade Councillor for Activities I promise to continue the weekly tradition of the Thursday radio events, as well as host vc events more regularly - perhaps once a week (day to be decided). Along with this I have two completely original ideas for new roleplay events which you can find out more about on Sunday if you tune into the radio channel on our discord, as well as a load of poll ideas. #MakeTheInternationaleGreatAgain #SLCforCOA
  21. Just to confirm: The voicechat on Sunday is partially for the elections, right? So we can get better informed there, and then vote?
  22. Voting is now open in the elections for Comrade WA Delegate and Comrade Councillor of Activities. You have ten days (until January 29th) to cast your ballot Congratulations to Mansuetus and Me, that ran unopposed!
  23. I would, but I feel that someone could do a far better job at CoI than I did and would rather someone else takes over that post