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  2. I will support a veto because Soviet Union only meets our embassy requirements on a technicality. The WA nations present in the region are predominantly TRF or KPA soldiers and sailors who have not yet withdrawn. There are not enough native WA nations to accept an inbound embassy request; that doesn't mean that we can't initiate embassies by proposal of a comrade member. However, I would still veto a proposal by a comrade member to construct embassies with Soviet Union because the founder account is currently held by a defender Gameplayer, not by the original native founder. If the embassies were being constructed with the democratic will of the native inhabitants of Soviet Union, I would support it, but that's not currently the case. No matter what, The Red Fleet will continue to defend regions with important names related to the real-life left, including Soviet Union. Perhaps someday their region will be strong enough with enough native activity to responsibly build embassies.
  3. The fact that our regions have collaborated in defensive actions against fascist invaders in the last days is, in my opinion, a fundamental reason why we should accept their proposal of constructing embassies between the Soviet Union and The Internationale. I vote in favour. Obviously, I have no power at all to disregard any veto, but I want to express my opinion about this. I clearly remember that, since I joined The Internationale a year and a half ago, I have seen and participated in a few discussions in our Regional Message Board regarding the acceptance or rejection of nations in our region according to their WA category, nation title or decisions taken in issues if these were considered to be contrary or in conflict with the ideology of socialism. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I can remember, all of these ended with the same conclusion: The Internationale doesn't forbid membership to any nation for any of these reasons (with the exception of the displaying of explicit fascist tendencies in these). Aside of that, we only have issues with users if their nations' factbooks show ideas that can be clearly considered as being against socialism, and this has only happened in some particular cases. Knowing this, I see no reason why we shouldn't apply these same policies when considering the construction of embassies with other regions. The Soviet Union doesn't break any of the rules on our Charter and Code of Conduct, and the WA delegate of Soviet Union shows any signs (neither RMB comments nor factbooks) that I consider should make us stop and reconsider their offer to establish embassies. Thus, I propose to resume the vote again.
  4. Veto. Too many of their nations contain the title of Empire. Even their delegate holds the CUSTOM title of The Industrial Communist Empire. I want to hear their explanations before proceeding with the construction of an embassy.
  5. Please note that the Internationale uses a consensus-based voting method in these instances -- votes "for" a proposal indicate positive support, votes for "abstain" on a proposal indicate that you do not support the proposal but there is no reason for you to veto it, and votes for "veto" must be explained in a discussion post below, as even a single vote for "veto" stops any proposal. This should be used only in cases where there is significant reason that the proposal should be rejected, for example if it is illegal under our Charter and we missed that when we put it up.
  6. Comrade @Momentum, unless you provide a reason for the veto, it will be disregarded.
  7. Two Truths/ One Lie

    You're right. I'm the second openly gay student in 62 years actually lol. My college is 62 years old, and the faculty has known only one bisexual woman before they knew me She was a bit more discrete, though. I came out to the principal and a panel of vice principals during an interview for an award 😂
  8. AT VOTE: Embassy with the Soviet Union.

    This was also the same region that TRF saved from fascist raiders just last week. Personally I think that we should definitely open embassies with these comrades.
  9. We have received an embassy request from the region called the Soviet Union. Since they meet all the criteria for an embassy, we can have a vote on it. Link: https://www.nationstates.net/region=soviet_union
  10. Since all candidates are running unopposed, your new WA Delegate and General Council is as follows: WA Delegate: @Burninati0n Councillor for Activities: @Useugi Councillor for External Affairs: @Aarnonia Councillor for Information: @The Sri Lankan Communes Congratulations to the new WAD and General Council on their positions, and good luck! Thank you for your service, former WAD and General Council!
  11. I will officially accept @Burninati0n's nomination of myself for Councillor for Activities.
  12. I thank @Burninati0n but I refuse to hold a position as councillor for this term. Said this, I'll probably be willing to do it in january (next term)
  13. Hokay, so, we're running out of time and for once I am failing to fill the roles with nominees who will accept. I'll accept the nomination for WA delegate and nomnomnominate @Aarnonia for Affairs.
  14. Zengan's opinion doesn't count he's stepping down from his role don't listen to him
  15. Well, Zengan seemed to have like unofficially nominated me for Affairs, is why I brought that up.
  16. You were nominated (by me) for Activities, Uesugi, but the only person who definitely agreed to run for something was SLC for Information. So you could decline my nomination for Activities and run for something else instead :p. (The list of people who have not accepted nominations includes me and Cheloveschestvo, and Aarn conditionally accepted one.)
  17. I am someone who strangely logs into NationStates quite a bit, and would be willing to go and fulfill the WA Delegate role of voting on World Assembly proposed legislation, to try and get it to the floor. But I am not sure whether or not I am the best choice. I definitely am interested in getting slightly more involved in the regional politics, since I am fairly active on the Discord.
  18. I am willing to accept a nomination, but not sure for what specifically. I see that I was mentioned for possibly Activities or Affairs. I would be willing to do either, but am not sure how well I can fulfill them. I do not have a ton of knowledge regarding other NS regions, but would be willing to learn and represent TI to the best of my abilities. In regard to Activities, I would not be opposed to that either, but not sure whether or not I could bring anything new to the region in that regard.
  19. I will accept the nomination only if no one else will run for WA Delegate, as I frankly don't believe I did a good job and would welcome a new delegate.
  20. I will nominate comrade @Aarnonia for WA Delegate and comrade @Asturies-Llion for Councillor of Activities
  21. Plot twist: Caelpes takes all unopposed nominations and randomly assigns them to officer roles instead of giving them what they were nominated for. Plot twist II (electric boogaloo) : I nominate @Zenganopoli for comrade WA Delegate.
  22. If that happened, I'd be happy to fill CoA as all these people seem to be running unopposed. I don't want to complicate things though.
  23. I'd rather have Chel as CoI and Useugi for affairs, but it's just my point of view and i'd be fine with it
  24. I nominate @Useugi for Activities. Currently the list is: Information = SLC [unopposed] Affairs = Chelovechestvo [has not accepted nomination] Activities = Uesugi [has not accepted nomination] WA Delegate = Burnination [has not accepted nomination] Lol we're doing a good job this time of not accepting nominations
  25. Thank you for considering me. However, I will not accept the nomination due to a lack of time to retain this position at the current moment.
  26. The Councillor for activites must be active. Really. I'm not going back to that position if my successor gets tired or leaves or stuff. So, accept it if you guarantee to be active. Not a big amount of time is needed. But just constance and willingness