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How to Register at the NSLeft

Welcome to the NSLeft! To register, make sure you are logged in to NationStates.net. If the box below says "Uh-Oh!" or shows a different nation, go to NationStates.net now and log in to the correct nation.

Once you are logged in at NationStates, provide your nation name and copy the Login Verification Code into the box below. This lets us make sure players do not register for a nation they do not control! We cannot use this information to control your nation—it only allows us to verify that you are who you say you are.

All passwords are encrypted and cannot be seen even by administrators. Even so, it is good practice to use different passwords for different websites. Do not use your NationStates.net password.

  • Do not include your nation's pretitle: "Caelapes", not "The Rose Commune of Caelapes"
  • Click here if you encounter errors.
    Make sure you are logged into the correct nation on NationStates.