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    The following excerpt from The Red Fleet Guide to Military Gameplay is shared with the public to demonstrate the educational materials of The Red Fleet.

    The Guide contains six additional lessons that, when combined with field training, produce elite results not matched by any other military in our gameplay sphere.

    The public collection of the Socialist Space Republic Library is available above.

    Introduction: What is Military Gameplay?

    The purpose of this guide is to introduce the new player to the basics of military gameplay in NationStates. In this chapter you will find definitions of terms that you will need to be familiar with to accomplish fundamental tasks in military gameplay, as well as an explanation of how to join the World Assembly and give an "endorsement" to another nation. This serves as the basic function of military gameplay, and you may already be familiar with it through the course of your own region’s operations.

    Experienced players may be familiar with these concepts, but it can be helpful to refresh your understanding of the basics by perusing this introduction.

    What is Gameplay?

    At its most basic level, "Gameplay" is the use of the World Assembly and the position of WA Delegate to participate in a sort of "warfare" in NationStates. By joining the World Assembly and endorsing other players or being endorsed yourself, you can elect new World Assembly Delegates in selected regions and, provided the region's founder has granted executive access to the WA Delegate, change things about that region.

    This manifests in two ways: raiding, in which nations move to a region and select their own WA Delegate, usually against the wishes of the nations already there (called "natives"); and defending, in which nations move to a region to either select a native as WA Delegate or select their own WA Delegate in accordance with the wishes of the natives. Defending often occurs as a reaction to a raid, but skilled defenders can intercept and stop a raid before the raiders are able to take the Delegate seat.

    Most people who participate in Gameplay are either raiders or defenders—most raiders will not defend, and very few defenders will raid. Antifa and anti-capitalist organizations, on the other hand, do participate in both raids and defensive actions. Antifa raids fascist regions, while simultaneously defending antifascist regions and any region targeted by fascist troops. Along the same lines, anti-capitalist regions raid capitalist regions while defending leftist regions and any region targeted by capitalist forces.