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    Each Heart Is a Revolutionary Cell

    We live in a society which encourages that we are born, consume, work, consume or die.

    Such a society in itself is not a society at all for the only social aspects are between the corporate elite, their bodyguards of greed, and the lowly masses scraping out a living which is not a living but is merely being a commodity that exists only to consume and work, and if it does neither of these things it will be subject to persecution, removal and starvation.

    What passes itself for a society is instead a prison that dazzles us into conformity and comfort but threatens violence if we wish to see beyond that dazzle and at the cosmos.

    The means of revolution to be successful means overthrowing the system, and tossing away the shoes of the old boss so no new bosses shall fit into them snugly, and thereby bosses are abolished.

    Subversion begins small, and what comes first is that we must remember to breathe, see, hear and smell anew like a newborn child absorbing it's senses for the first time. Listen to the birdsong, and rejoice in your non-conforming act for the day while not resting upon laurels.

    Have occasion to smile at strangers and remember you are all refugees seeking shelter from the storm clinging to whatever maintains sanity. You struggle together as you do alone, remember this and be braver for it if you dare.

    We are told that material wealth and possessions brings happiness and security, and people buy washing machines, fridges, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, cars and houses on this basis to fill a void in their souls sucked dry by the corporate vampires who teach that only that which is made of material is to be treasured, and not subversively natural things like Love and Freedom.

    When each and every person is seen as a commodity, the concept of nationalisation of industries becomes obsolete because we have become the commercial sectors and the means of ownership and control need to be waged within ourselves to take our hearts, souls, brains and bodies back under personal autonomous ownership.

    Laughter is cannon-fire against the consumerist armour, it is important to let them hear you roar, and your sincere smile shall be the unsheathing of your weapon against them, that being humanity and defiance.

    Dare to be kind to others when cruelty is the soup of the day on the menu of Corporate force-feeding, and your compassion shall grow, and with it the love of life and the desire for complete emancipation.

    Boredom is counter-revolutionary because if you are bored it means your imagination has surrendered, and if your imagination surrenders, all is lost for the revolution, for your imagination is the true vanguard for any revolution. All Power to the Imagination.

    Each heart is a revolutionary cell, your body is your heart's balaclava, and you are a Guerrilla behind enemy lines - the Corporate elite fears you accordingly, for as sleeper cells, you can activate at any time in a heartbeat.

    The bars of the prison can be smashed for it is the masses who consent to their prison walls by conformity, should they realise their prison walls, those walls will come tumbling down.

    And the pioneers who have struck out for home yesterday and today before the mass populace shall be remembered, even if they should go nameless, for deeds and actions speak louder than words and shall be the order of conversation for a better tommorrow and with it, it's example and inspiration.

    Home sweet home, is a land made for you and me. 

    Home is where the heart is, for we grow a new world in it.

    Each heart being a revolutionary cell.

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