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    Hope Lies in the Proles

    Since the Obama regime came to power in 2008, it has attacked multiple countries with every means at it's disposal, continues to militarily occupy huge swathes of the earth, and continues to imprison without trial hundreds upon hundreds of people, and they are just the ones they let you know about.

    Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Syria and others have all been on the receiving end of various US military attacks, or attacks by client states and organisations using US munitions.

    In the blink of an eye, and at Obama's command, entire families can be wiped off the face of the earth, anywhere in the world, and such massacres shall be blandly termed as 'Collateral Damage' while the stinking scorched remains are still steaming beneath the sun or night sky and while the wailing of their surviving loved ones are still audible.

    No life is too precious for Imperialism, everyone is expendable, just like the truth. The art of imperialism is to lie, and it is to terrify, in order to subjugate nations and peoples to achieve imperialist ends.

    The Obama Administration, like those before it, occupy the position of the Number One terrorists in the world. Their uniforms are their shiny suits, and the uniforms of their protectors are mostly uniforms too, be they camouflage, blue or black.

    Terrorism as defined is the use of terror to achieve one's ends. Terrorism defines Obama, for Terrorism, like previous US Presidents, is what he employs. 

    Obama is a terrorist, and the entire Obama administration are a terrorist organisation.

    Such is the detachment from compassion or any sliver of humanity and instead the abundance of sociopathy, that they can cry crocodile tears at the murders of children on US Soil while eagerly ordering and funding the murders of children on whatever soil they see fit.

    There will be no rolling news coverage of the latest massacre orchestrated from The White House or The Pentagon, no manhunt of the perpetrators, no lockdown in their pursuit. For the murderers are the law.

    The MSM will not be reporting, live from the scene, nor interview witnesses, nor carrying out profiles of the perpetrators for members of the populace to say "He was such a nice man, you would never have thought he was capable", and that is because the murderers are above the law, and the law is at their command.

    Decency and truth lay buried beneath the grass just beyond The Oval Office, the burial carried out eons ago when Buffalo in their thousands would sweep across the prairie, racing with horses, and when men, women and children of tribal nations could not conceive of machines of flesh and metal that could kill and maim so wantonly and willingly on an industrial scale and at the command of smiling assassins, but who saw the beginnings on the Trail of Tears and the massacres they were to suffer.

    Upon that grass, Obama, like his predecessors, takes time out of his day to venture forth and piss upon the grass with contempt. The Truth lays here, alongside it's beloved companion Decency. 

    A happy couple, they were inconvenient to the agenda that was to come. 

    Both had to go. Both had to die.

    Their child, Justice, much battered and bruised, makes demands for their deaths to be avenged, for wrongs to be righted. 

    A sense of Justice is felt in the hearts of those who know Truth and Decency were expendable just like the men, women and children of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Syria.

    Like George Orwell said, Hope lies in the Proles.

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