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    The Drones of Summer

    Are you looking forward to the Drones of Summer,
    sent by the mass-murdering Barack Obama,
    who can laugh and joke every day,
    As he kills and maims in every way?

    Are you looking forward to the Drones of Summer,
    sent by the carpet-bombing Barack Obama,
    to murder, destroy, and to maim,
    in the speeded-up imperialist game,
    who imprisons those who speak the truth,
    from the comforts under his Oval roof,
    the human face of Corporate Imperialism,
    the smiling grin of Rampant Fascism,
    shall joke and laugh as he sends out The War Machine,
    complete with PR gloss and BS sheen,
    Murder is an illusion,
    Collateral damage the resolution,
    ignore the human carcasses,
    ignore the trespasses,
    The Coalition of the willing,
    shall make a healthy killing,
    Mothers, Fathers, sons, daughters too,
    your lives are profit margins, your bodies will do.

    ....Are you looking forward?

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