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    What Gives Hope?

    What gives hope,
    in a world of dopes,
    of grinning and suited tyrants,
    and their sychophants?

    What gives encouragement,
    against Corporate and Fascist government,
    against Imperialist war machines,
    and the lying MSM sheen?

    It is...

    The sister from Seattle,
    who fights the good battle,
    failure is impossible,
    the enemy is conquerable,
    the Anarcho Communist brother from LA,
    Fighter, Lover, an Artist and Gay,
    The Toveri from the place of Suomi,
    who won't sit with Fash for crumpets and tea,
    The Fourth Internationalist bartender from the place of Stoke,
    fermenting revolution over rum and coke,
    the Antifascist Comrade who is a Leftist Austrian,
    teaches us not to repeat history as a Historian,
    the Awesome Horizontialist from Scotland, a one-man Antifa,
    he's crushed the fash wide and far,
    The legendary Viper who strikes and smashes the Nazis,
    leader of the legendary MT ARMY,
    the Makhnovist from near the place of Manchester,
    lethal against Fash, and a jester,
    The Silent One, and Comandante of The Red Fleet,
    Comes up with a plan in the beat of a heartbeat,
    The Comrade known only as RWNH,
    He torches those who can only hate,
    The Comrade who is a life-long Gillingham FC supporter,
    always up for an Antifascist slaughter,
    The Comrade who is Autonomous and likes Blackbirds,
    kindness in action, and in words....

    Just a few people I know build a new world in their hearts,
    and for this I love them with all of my heart.

    I hope they can forgive this badly-written poem,
    but you see it's an honour to know and meet them,
    when all is said, and when all is done,
    they are heroes and heroines upon the horizon,
    and for this the world is made truly better,
    consigning xenophobia to the ether,
    a new world is growing, I see it in sight,
    for they make the dawn out of the darkest night.

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