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    Insignia and Duties of Rates and Ranks of The Red Fleet

    The Red Fleet has three rates (enlisted sailors) and three ranks (commissioned officers), although subordinate squadrons may maintain parallel rank systems that correspond to the Fleet's official ranks.

    Promotion through Fleet rates and ranks are based on operation participation points. Sailors who serve as pilers receive 1 point for their participation. Sailors who serve as updaters receive 1.5 operation participation points.

    Enlisted Rates of The Red Fleet



    Sailors are new recruits to The Red Fleet who have fewer than five operation participation points. The duty of Sailors is to read the Sailor's Guide to Military Gameplay and participate in operations.


    Senior Sailor

    Senior Sailors are Sailors who have earned 5 operation participation points. Their duty is to continue to participate in operations and provide advice to new Sailors.


    Petty Officer

    A Petty Officer is a sailor who has received fifteen operation participation points and is training to receive an officer commission. Petty Officers become eligible to hold Regional Officer positions in raids to train them in region destruction and defense.

    Officer Ranks of The Red Fleet

    Officers of The Red Fleet are comrades who have proven their trustworthiness and ideological conviction in whichever tendency they associate with. The Red Fleet is a syncretic leftist organization that does not give preference to any particular leftist tendency, and welcomes comrades as diverse as social democrats to Maoists to anarchists. Promotion to officer ranks is not automatic upon accumulation of enough operation participation points, but is rather made at the recommendation of the Admiralty Board.



    Lieutenants are officers who have received at least 20 operation participation points, and is eligible to serve as a catalyst during Fleet operations. Their duties are to serve as operation catalyst and to read the Officer's Guide to Military Gameplay Leadership.



    A Captain is an officer who has received ten operation participation points as catalyst. The duties of a Captain are to select targets, serve as point or Regional Officer in operations, and serve as catalyst in the absence of a Lieutenant.


    Squadron Admiral

    Squadron Admirals are selected from the pool of officers and are subject to approval of the Admiralty Board. Duties of the Admiralty Board are to manage rate applications, recruit new sailors, and track participation of their squadron members. In the absence of lower-ranking officers, Admirals may also select targets, serve as point, or serve as catalyst.

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