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    Red Fleet Raiding Guidelines

    The Red Fleet, as an anti-fascist and leftist military organization involved in both raiding and defensive operations, targets a wide variety of regions. The purpose of this paper is to clarify the sorts of regions that are targeted by the Fleet and why.

    Regions with the "Fascist" tag

    Any region that tags itself "Fascist" is fair game. The Red Fleet checks regional history to ensure that the region tagged itself with the "Fascist" tag and that this tag was not added by fascist raiders.

    These regions comprise the bulk of regions targeted by The Red Fleet—at the time of this paper's publication, there are 115 total valid targets identified by the Fleet's targeting computer. Of these targets, 72 (63%) have the Fascist tag.

    Regions aligned with Fleet enemies

    These are typically designated by onsite or offsite embassies. Fleet enemies are determined by activity in military gameplay that is either aligned with fascist military organizations or that actively and specifically targets leftist regions. 51 regions (44%) in the Fleet's targeting computer have embassies with enemy regions or are enemy regions themselves.

    Enemy regions include Nazi regions, such as Nazi Europa, Kaiserreich, and National Socialist Ministries; and anti-communist groups that are active in military gameplay. Non-fascist anti-communist regions that do not involve themselves in military gameplay are not targeted as "enemy regions."

    Region Destruction

    The Red Fleet typically reserves region destruction for Nazi regions themselves, such as our participation in the raid that destroyed NAZI EUROPE or our operation in 2015 to destroy The Greater German Reich. Occasionally, The Red Fleet will also destroy regions of regions aligned with enemies if they contribute to military gameplay against leftist regions, as we did in UCR after their members assisted Libertatem's raid of the pan-leftist Congress of Armed Proletarian States.

    Most regions targeted by The Red Fleet are not eligible for region destruction, as 106 (92%) of regions in the targeting computer have an active founder. These regions are subject to tag raids to train Fleet sailors for update operations, which prepares our members for important operations such as our flawless invasion of The Greater German Reich and strategic leadership in the CAIN-led invasion of The NSIA.

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