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  • The Red Fleet: Scourge of the Fash on the Seven Seas!

    The Red Fleet, first founded in 2010 by committed antifascists from Communist International, is the premier leftist military force on NationStates. Revived in 2013 by Caelapes, The Red Fleet is now commanded by Fleet Admiral @Courelli and an Admiralty Board overseeing individual Squadrons.


    The World Assembly officially commended The Red Fleet in October 2015 for its work in defending leftist regions from reactionary attacks and in destroying fascist regions, from Fleet contributions to the destruction of NAZI EUROPE in 2014 to the destruction of the Greater German Reich, formerly the largest and most notorious Nazi region on NationStates, in 2015. This Commendation was the second in World Assembly history granted to a raider organization and the only commendation granted to an active raider organization.

    The Red Fleet maintains the Socialist Space Republic Library, named for a former Admiral, that is replete with training materials for members new to raiding. Also maintained by The Red Fleet are the "Lenin" multipurpose military Discord bot and browser extension, which provide crucial supports to Fleet sailors out on patrol. Sailors who are regularly active qualify for ribbons, medals, and advancement within the Fleet.

    Recently, The Red Fleet provided support to The Internationale during the Z-Day crisis, establishing a monitoring station that regularly updated to help zombie-healing squads locate nations most in need of cure missiles. This resulted in The Internationale making the "Most Survivors With No Infected" leaderboard for the first time in regional history as one of the largest regions to be totally cured.

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