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  • The information below is provided to the NSLeft courtesy of The Red Fleet to assist our comrades in addressing zombie outbreaks in their regions. Information may be several minutes out of date or otherwise incorrect; Fleet sensors are only so sensitive to the rapidly-changing situation on the ground. The Red Fleet's sensors are able to detect cure missile launches, horde movement, and zombie elimination squad activity, but it is not always possible to immediately detect the magnitude of changes resulting from organic zombie infections. Low-flying naval aircraft make routine sweeps over NSLeft member nations to provide updated information on a regular, if infrequent, basis.

    Three categories of nations are shown: Most Heavily Infected, which sorts nations by the percentage of living citizens who are infected (a high-priority cure target, as nations with high numbers of zombies infect themselves and others more quickly, and infected citizens can start dying in highly-infected nations); Most Zombies, which sorts nations by the highest zombie population; and Least Zombies, which sorts nations by the lowest non-zero zombie population (easiest to cure, particularly for nations with fairly ineffective cure missiles).

    Nations whose governments have selected a zombie containment scheme other than researching a cure are also marked, with nations who are actively engaging in the export of zombie hordes marked by a warning sign (⚠️).

    To view information for a specific NSLeft member region, use the dropdown selection box below.

    Z-Day Monitoring Station: the NSLeft